Contact Support
Thank Your for checking the help files! We have worked hard to provide as much help as we can through the help files on each and every page. However, we also know that not every answer or solution can be recorded. Thus, the contact us page exists.

All fields are required and will be checked before the email is sent to support. The receiving email address will be "". If you need to send an attachment or something, please email us directly and skip the use of the form. It is only for a simple request ticket or support request. All reply’s will also be coming back from the same "" email address.

Here is a list of fields and what they require:

1. Corporation Name - Required. Pulled in behind the scenes to help the support staff know where the email came from.

2. First Name - Required. Enter the first name of the person requesting help or information. There is a max of 50 characters and min of 1 char.

3. Last Name - Required. Similar to the first name requirements.

4. Contact Phone - Required. Please help us out by providing a phone number to contact you directly if needed. There is a max of 25 chars and a min of 7 characters.

5. Email Address - Required. Enter your email address. This is where the response will be sent. There is a max of 150 chars and a min of 8. Ex:

6. Please Send Copy - Optional - Check the box if you would like a copy of the email sent to you as well. The email copy will be sent to the email address entered above.

7. Subject - Required. This is where you enter the subject or a brief message as to what the main request is about. There is a max of 150 chars and a min of 1. Ex: Need help with XYZ or Help with PDQ report settings.

8. Message - Required. This is where you enter your request or provide details about your questions. The is no limit but the field requires at least one character.